Our entrepreneurship envisions a dream of establishing a new wine destination, Albania. Inspired from the successful cases of California or South Africa, we are committed at bringing our petite and delicate variety of high quality Albanian wines by embracing the local and the Albanian southlands enriching the vineyard’s soil with enhanced minerals. We have achieved this vision by reaching full potential of our local resources, while building sustainable practices and protocols through foreign expertise. In this journey we are lead and constantly consulted by the award winning French-Italian wine maker, Mourad Ouada.

Our winery is located in the spectacular riverside of the City of Përmet, in the southeast region of Albania. Cooled by the wild Vjosa, freshened by the valley breeze, loved by the clay and sandy-rocky soils, paired with the thermal excursions of the Mediterranean heat are the vital elements of our “SIMPLE ltd” enterprise. Our current value chain touches the lives of more than thirty Albanian farmers and winemakers. We are bringing much-needed technological assistance to complement the traditional handwork of Albanian agronomists and winemakers. We are improving the quality of wine while preserving the zest that makes it Albanian. We want the potential of our national terroirs to stand out and perform the blessings of this part of the World.

Our love for the land and trust in its potential, influences everything we do. We strongly believe that sustainable farming practices are the only way to achieve high quality wines. Our beliefs are laid among organic grape growing protocols, which are applied in all of our vineyards as a crucial concept of our philosophy. Throughout the harvesting and the production cycle, we have grown to employ sixteen family farmers who combined can help over thirty people in the area. Although these numbers don’t sound quite a lot, it gives us hope that with the growth of this long-term project will also grow the involvement and the industry specific skills of this community. We are engaged to represent a sustainable initiative that will help to empower rural farmers. WSA is also investing in implementing new techniques, which will help these farmers to diversify production and improve profitability.